Covenant Kids

May 3

Family Activity: Throwaway

Give your worries( burdens) to God because he cares for you.
1 Peter 5:7

Game Overview: Family members will write their worries ( burdens) and then have a paper fight.

Supplies: Bible, paper, pencils, and trash can.
Preparation: Set out the supplies.
Have each family member take several sheets of paper.
Say: Write one thing you are worried about on each sheet of paper. You might write family, friends, or a fear. Don’t put your name on your paper or share it with anyone, this is strictly between you and God.
When each person has written at least three to five worries, each on a separate piece of paper, wad your paper up and form two teams. The teams should face each other standing on opposite sides of the room.
Say: When I say “Go” throw all of your worries onto the other team’s side while trying to keep the other side’s worries off your side! The object is to get as many worries as possible on the other team’s side before time is up . You have one minute. GO!
When time is up, put a large trash can in the middle of the room and say: This time, you will have thirty seconds to work together to get all of the concerns into the trash can. GO!
After you call time, read 1Peter 5:7 aloud, and then ask:
•Was the way you treated your worries in this game like or unlike the way people/kids really treat them, by throwing them away?
• How do you treat your worries?
•How does God give you help with   these worries?
Gather around and pray that family members will be able to let go of their own worries or burdens.

Pray: Dear God, Thank you for letting us Cast (throwaway)our Worries (Burdens)on you, because you care for us. Amen

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