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May 17

Family Activity: Egyptians and Israelites

Trust in God, because he has a plan
Scripture: Exodus 14:5-31

Supplies: Bible, can use a scarf.
Preparation: Either get a long scarf or remember you have to do this activity with your knees together. Create a flat obstacle course (using chairs or object around the house) in which family members can walk around. The game is better played outside!

Tell the family members the story of how Moses led the Israelites as they fled from Pharaoh’s army ( Exodus 14:5-31). Have someone play Moses and lead the Israelites though the course. After that is done explain that was easy but because the Israelites was were fleeing from Pharaoh’s Army, now the must do the obstacle course with their knees together ( tie a scarf around your knees ) Now have “Moses“ lead the though the obstacle course. You will have to work together and don’t forget to keep those knees stuck together and finish the course.

After the game is over ask the following questions:
• What was it like to have to work together?
• Did you fine it helpful that “Moses” led the way and helped every step of the way?
• How do you think the Israelites worked together to flee from Pharaoh’s army? Did they have to trust Moses? Did they have to Trust God?
• How can you trust God? How does God help us?

Pray: Dear God, Thank you for being by our side every moment of every day, we can trust you. Because we know that you have a plan (like an obstacle course) for us. You will be with us. Even if things around us get scary, feel like they will never end, or when we are sad that things are getting canceled, trust in God, for he has a plan. Amen

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