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May 10

Family Activity: The Israelite’s Journey

God will Provide

Game Overview: Family members will play a circle game and sing a song about all that happened to Moses and God’s people.

Supplies: Bible, masking tape
Preparation: Use masking tape to form a circle on the floor of your room. Make the circle large enough so your family can stand on it while holding hands.

Summarize the story of the Israelites wandering around the desert from Exodus. Start the game by spacing the family members around the outer boundaries of the masking tape circle. Have family members slowly spin their bodies as you sing this rhyme to the tune of “Ring Around the Rosie”

Outside the Promised Land,
The Israelites could not stand.
Griping, grumbling,
They all fall down
(Everyone drops to the ground)

Repeat until everyone becomes familiar with the rhyme.
Then stand in a circle, hold hands and march in place as you sing this verse of the rhyme

Closer to the Promised Land
Hold each other by the hand
Working together
We all jump in!
(Jump into the circle)

At the end of the game ask these questions:

  • What do you reset about the Bible Story?
  • Would you like to have been with Moses and the people while they traveled from the desert to the Promised Land? Why? or Why not?
  • Did the Israelites need to worry? Did they need to grumble or complain?

They needed to know that God was with them and He had a plan, no need to worry or feel anxious.

Pray: Dear God, Thank you for providing what we need. Please help us know that you will provide what we need and we don’t have to worry, grumble or complain about things. You will take care of us! Amen.

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