Covenant Kids

June 28

Family Activity: Jacob’s Dream

VERSE: Genesis 28:15
I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go.

This story is found in Genesis 28:10-22

1. Who is Jacob? 
2. What was his dream about? What did God tell him in his dream?
3. Is God also with you and watches over you just like He did to Jacob?
4. If He is watching over us, how should we feel? (safe, protected, not afraid).
5. What are God’s promises to Jacob? What is God’s promises to you?
6. Do you think God can help you fulfill your dream? Pray to Him about it.

Role playing: Pretend that you and your family members  are like Jacob on a journey. Then, you get a small piece of crumpled paper (the children would love to crumple the paper by themselves and use scratch paper) and use it as your pillow.  Then, let someone pretend as angels and the Lord who spoke that “I am the Lord of Abraham and Isaac. I will increase your descendant (family members). I will be with you and watch over you wherever you go.” After hearing this, let all the children wake up and say together “Surely, the Lord is in this place.”
Then let your family members draw about their dream or what is their dream is in life like having a beautiful house, or becoming a doctor or a teacher. Then, let the children write on their drawing, God can help me fulfill my dreams. 

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