Covenant Kids

June 20

Family Activity: DADDY’S NAPPING
Items needed: An easy chair, Six Ding Dong snack cakes or donuts (any Six food items that can be stacked)
Set up: Pick two players for this game. One will sit in the easy chair and recline back, eyes closed. This person is the “dad,” ( see if you can get your dad or a special man to play) and the other is the “kid.”
How to play: Dad has fallen asleep in his chair again! Time to have some fun! In this challenge, your task is to stack the six snack cakes on Dad’s forehead while he sleeps. Complete this challenge in 60 seconds or less. Play again or eat the snacks!!!!

Read Ephesians 6:4
Pray: “Dear God, I pray that our Dad( or special man ) would turn to you when he is frustrated, have anxiety or worries. Help him to bring up his children the way that You would have raised us. Thank you for Our Dad! Amen.”

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