Covenant Kids

July 11-12

Family Activity: Wrapped-Up Relay

Jesus came to serve
He washes the Disciples’ feet
Matthew 20:28

Scripture: John 13:1-9
Game Overview: Family members will serve others as they run a relay.

Supplies: Bible, toilet paper, masking tape, and a watch.
Preparation: Create two parallel masking tape lines on the floor, fifteen feet apart. Form two teams. Have family members stand behind one of the lines, facing the other line. Say that each member will run, one at a time to the far line and back. No one may run until both feet are completely wrapped in toilet paper (each foot separately, not together.) Only one person on each team may have both feet wrapped at any time. Give each team a roll of toilet paper. Encourage family members to help one another wrap the first runner’s feet. When the runner has run to the other line and back they will help wrap the next runner’s feet. Set an amount of time, like two minutes, and see which team can wrap and run first!

At the end of the game, read John13:1-9 and ask:
• When you helped one another, the job of wrapping feet went faster. How does serving others make life easier?
• Jesus washed his disciples’ feet. What can we do to serve others?

Say: Jesus asks us to serve others, but he served us too, by dying in our place so we can come to God.

Pray: Dear God, Thank you for sending Jesus, to show us how to serve others. Jesus was the best servant. Help us to be more like Jesus (by having a servant’s heart) In your name, Amen.

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