Covenant Kids

August 9

Theme: Joseph
Bible Story: Genesis 37
Bible verse: Proverbs 14:30
Materials: Bible, grocery stack, markers, scissors ( if you don’t have a grocery stack, you can use a real coat and tape strips of colored paper to it). 
Preparation: Cut slits up the front of the grocery bag. Cut neck holes in the top of the bag and armholes in the sides “to make a coat.” 

How to Play: Decorate the coat. Then Say: In Genesis 37, the Bible tells us about Joseph. His dad loved Joseph more than any of his brothers, so his dad gave only Joseph a beautiful coat. Put on the coat and turn in circles as if you were modeling it or showing it off. 

*If you were Joseph, how would you feel about getting such a great gift? 
*If you were Joseph’s brothers, how would you feel about not getting a gift at all? 

Say: Joesph’s brothers were so jealous that they sold Joesph to some people who were leaving their country. The story does have a happy ending because God is in control. 
Talk about what the word Jealousy means ask if there was a time that they have been jealous about something or someone?
Say: God took time in creating you to be you and unique and He doesn’t want you to feel jealous about things or compare yourself to others. Instead of jealousy, you can choose to be grateful. It is a choice to be jealous but it is also a choice to be grateful. Talk about the word Grateful. Read Proverbs 14:30 
Pray to ask God to help you choose to be grateful everyday. 

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