Covenant Kids

April 19

Family Activity: Move ‘Em Out

Scripture reference: Philippians4:6-7

Four bowls
Cookies (or goodies)
Index cards (one per family member) 
*If you do not have index cards, use paper folded in half.

Place cookies (goodies) in two bowls and place the bowls close to one wall. Set the other bowls about 10 feet apart from the cookie filled bowls.
Have family members form two lines behind the cookie filled bowls. Give them each an index card.

Say: At times, we may face some problems or difficult times. But Jesus always helps us with these things. Let’s play a game in which we’ll get to eat something good in the end. The problem or difficult thing right now is that you have to carry the cookies by using only the index card or folded paper, which you’ll place in your mouth.
Demonstrate how to put the index card in your mouth and then take a cookie from the bowl and place it on the index card. Run to the opposite empty bowl and drop the cookie inside it. If you drop the cookie, you have to stop and start at the beginning.
After everyone has played, the reward is you can eat the cookies!

Read aloud Philippians 4:6-7, and discuss the following questions:
• What was difficult about this game?
• What hard things do face in real life?
• How does Jesus help you in those hard times?

Say: When we worry or feel anxious about problems or difficult things we may face, God wants us to pray with thanks and we’ll feel peace.
Pray: Dear God, we are going through times and facing some difficult things but we do not need to worry or feel anxious because you are with us and we give you thanks for never leaving us and being right beside us during these times. Thank you for giving us a feeling of peace. Amen

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